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Feb 2020 - Tender Alerts

Think of this as the Netflix model for tender alerts, super cheap and easy to identify tenders you are interested in.


We have developed our own algorithm, which recommends tenders for you based on what other users are selecting and also what you identify as relevant. You may have heard the term machine learning going around, well this is it in action.

March 2020 - Advanced Tenders

Early in the new year we will be giving all of our tender alert customers a free advanced tender notification service.


Again using machine learning, we will predict which tenders are coming up for renewal and let you know instantly. This lets you get your bid ready early and develop your own roadmap to decide which opportunities you want to go for.

Jan 2020 - News *LIVE*

Don’t worry about buying your morning paper from now on, all of your Procurement news will be right here integrated into our Social Network.


We will be using Artificial Intelligence to make sure we only get relevant news.

March 2020 - Events

We will be integrating a complete Procurement Events service into our Social Network.


– Search for events
– RSVP Events
– Log your own company events


No more searching for events in different locations, we will have them all right here.

Nov 2019 - Directory *LIVE*

Next we are going to be introducing an awesome Beaver Business Directory. You can enter your company details, or claim an existing listing.


There will be no better way to promote your business, services and expertise than listing specifically in our Procurement Business Directory, all integrated into our Social Network.

Aug 2019 - Jobs *LIVE*

In August we launched an integrated jobs platform into our Social Network.


– Post jobs

– Apply for jobs

– Submit your CV/Resume

– Search for jobs

– Set up job alerts