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Who are Beaver Bids?

Beaver Bids is a brand new service looking to be the go-to hub for Public Procurement. We are fairly new so still developing our service but you can see what we have planned in our roadmap: roadmap

What does Beaver Bids do?

We are experts in Public Procurement in Europe and Canada. We have a procurement social network, jobs postings our business directory is on the way.

Why have you signed up?

We are different from your traditional procurement and government services. We offer as much of our services as possible for free, and even our paid service fees are minimal. We believe that collaboration and transparency is the way forward to help suppliers win new business.

How can you help?

By using the website and giving us feedback. If you could share our site with your colleagues and anyone else who would be interested that would be a great help! We are still in Beta mode so looking to really boost the number of users and get as much feedback as possible.

How will Brexit change Procurement in the UK?

Although no confirmed deal has been reached with the European Union, Beaver Bids is well placed to ensure consistency of information regardless of a deal or not. We are plugged into the European Commision feed for high value notices and we are connected up to the Find a Tender Service that will be used in the event of no deal.

Regardless of the outcome Beaver Bids alert service will ensure you still get your notices!

Why Should I Work In The Public Sector?

Working in the public sector may seem daunting but it can be incredibly lucrative. In the UK alone the Government spends £284 billion on buying goods and services from suppliers which is one third of all public sector expenditure.

Even getting a tiny slice of that pie will really boost your companies income!

Join Beaver Bids to connect with fellow procurement professionals, view job listings and join our supplier directory.