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What Is Beaver Bids?

Think of Beaver Bids as Facebook and LinkedIn for Procurement, but on Red Bull!

Our networks offer all of the things you would expect in a social network, such as your own profile, your wall, connect with friends and colleagues, send 1-2-1 messages, groups, forums…

However, we are adding multiple layers of functionality:

– Tender Alert Services
– Procurement News
– Procurement Events
– Procurement Directory
– Procurement Jobs
+ much more…

We currently have networks for The U.K. and Canada, with more countries on the way. Our primary mission is to bring the entire supply chain in public procurement together, make them visible and make procurement transparent, keeping as much of our services as free or as low cost as possible.

Beaver Bids Technology

Technology At The Core

Beaver Bids is centred around technology, using Machine Learning to create systems, which do not require a huge amount of human input. This means that we can keep our price points low because we don’t have the overheads that our competitors do.

Our infrastructure is 100% in the cloud so our services are fast, resilient and secure.

Our Procurement Networks


The First Social Network For Public Procurement Specifically For The U.K.

The UK is going through massive change because of Brexit, moving from the existing TED service to the new Find a Tender service specifically for the UK. There has been no greater need for a platform to bring the entire supply chain together. Our network is FREE to join and always will be.


EU Countries can now trade in Canada and vice-versa


The First Social Network For Public Procurement Specifically For Canada

A country dispersed over multiple provinces and a huge land mass, means that there is no central location for the supply chain in Canadian Public Procurement to connect, UNTIL NOW!! Our Canadian Social Network is FREE and always will be!